Water Department

Water Treatment Plant
The City of Odessa Water Treatment Division began producing potable water in 1922 in a surface water treatment plant. This plant remained in operation until August 8, 1997 when the City of Odessa officially began treating water at a new groundwater treatment plant. The design flow for this new plant is 1.6 million gallons per day. We are dedicated to producing and distributing good, potable water for our customers.

Water Distribution System
After water has been treated at our water treatment plant, it travels to a 1 million gallon standpipe. From this standpipe, the potable water travels throughout the approximately 30 miles of piping that makes up our water distribution system. This piping ranges in size from 2” to 12” in diameter. Attached throughout our Water Distribution System are over 2,000 water services, 222 fire hydrants, and 176 valves.
Recent & Ongoing Improvements
In the past several years, the City of Odessa has replaced many of the fire hydrants and valves in our water distribution system. We also plan to start extensive work in the area of water main replacement and the elimination of dead-end lines.

Planned Improvements

The City of Odessa is hoping to add 1 new water tower on the east side of town. We are in the preliminary phase of discussing this project.

Staff Information

Our staff currently includes 4 Class A Operators and 2 Class C Operators.
Environmental Services
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