Electric Department

The City of Odessa’s Power and Light Department is comprised of an electric generation plant and an electric distribution system.

Odessa Power & Light
Municipal Power Generation Plant
The current generation plant was originally constructed in 1939. Several additions and changes have been made since that time to accommodate our ever-increasing population. When the plant was first constructed, it supplied all of the power the City of Odessa required.  In the 1960s, the city’s electricity needs increased beyond our generation capacity. During that time, the City entered into a contract with Missouri Public Service as our wholesale power supplier.  The contract with Missouri Public Service, which has also been known as Utilicorp and Aquila, expired in 2004.  In early 2004, the Board of Aldermen asked for bids from several electric suppliers, and received 4 bids.  The Board of Aldermen chose the best and lowest bid offered, which was from the MoPEP Power Pool.  In April 2004, the City of Odessa began purchasing power from the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission (MJMEUC) through the MoPEP Power Pool.  The MoPEP Power Pool is not a power supply company, it is a coalition of cities partnering to purchase and develop supplies.  In 2007, there were 32 member cities in the MoPEP Power Pool, including Higginsville, Harrisonville, Carrollton and Marshall.  The MoPEP Power Pool is non-profit and member-directed, meaning each city has a vote in the decisions made by the MoPEP Power Pool.  MJMEUC is authorized by state law to operate as an electric utility for the benefit of the combined requirements of the members.  You can learn more about MJMEUC at http://www.mpua.org/about/MJMEUC.asp.

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