Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment
The City of Odessa Environmental Services Department, Water Pollution Control Division, began the treatment of wastewater in the 1930's. The City now has 2 wastewater treatment lagoons in operation.  One is a 3 cell lagoon system and the other is a 1 cell overland flow system.  The City has just put into operation a new 1 million gallon per day activated sludge extended aeration plant.  This plant went on line in July 2007.

Wastewater Collection System
Our Wastewater Collection System consists of approximately 25 miles of sewer lines. Attached throughout this system are 544 manholes and 9 pumping stations.

Recent & Ongoing Improvements
The City of Odessa is looking into the replacement of both wastewater lagoons that are now in operation.  The City is considering the replacement of the lagoons with another 500,000 gallon per day activated sludge extended aeration plant.  We are also continuing to replace and rebuild our manholes and sewer mains.

Planned Improvements
The improvements planned for 2008 is to replace approximately 853 feet of 8" sewer mains.  We are beginning to draw up preliminary plans for a new liftstation to be installed in the near future.

Staff Information
Our staff currently includes 5 Class "A" Operators, 2 Class "B" Operators, 1 Class "C" Operator and 2 Class "D" Operators.

Water Polution Control Division
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