Parks & Recreation Board


The 4th Tuesday of the month at the Community Building, 601 W Main St, Odessa.

Parks and Recreation Director

Lindsey Adams

Board Members

Jannan Bradley, President
Gerald Gittinger, Vice President
Emily Oldham, Secretary
John Carmody, Treasurer
Mike Duncan, Sergeant at Arms
Thad Madsen
John Elliot
Logan Seals
Alan Barner

Park and Recreation Board

The Park and Recreation Board of the City of Odessa, MO consists of 9 volunteer members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen. The term of each member of the Park and Recreation Board is 3 years, with staggered expiration dates.

The Park and Recreation Board surveys and makes plans for the development and maintenance of facilities and activities for an adequate municipal park system. The Board has exclusive control of the expenditures of all money collected to the credit of the park fund and of the supervision, improvement, care, acquisition, and custody of the parks.

Park Master Plan

A park master plan was developed and approved by the Park Board and the Board of Aldermen in 2002. The master plan is reviewed and will be updated as needed.